Power plant Castle Peak B, block B1, 677 MW

Country: Hong Kong

Customer: CLP Group, in cooperation with Emerson Automation Solutions

Scope of delivery: Modernization of hydraulic control system of 677 MW turbine of the company GEC on the block 1. Replacement of original servo-drives and LVDT. Replacement of dump valve. Installation of new turbine protection including new Trip block with direct pressure measurement and a duplex oil filter. Keeping the original mechanical turbine protection – possible serial operation (both turbine protections are active with hydraulic and mechanical switching off, or bridging mode, when only the electronical protections are active. Installation of new console for speed sensors (8 for regulation and 5 for overdrive protection of the turbine). Installation of a new panel with pressure measurement of trip and lubrication oil.

Design, assembly, disassembly, supervision, testing and putting into operation

Realization: 2020