Complex services for the energy sector

Turn-key construction of a power or heat generation unit

About the Company

Who are we

We are the INVELT GROUP – we have been providing complex supplies and services for the energy sector in the Czech Republic and abroad for more than 30 years.

We provide turn-key construction of power or heat generation units. We offer complex services - including feasibility studies, engineering, interdisciplinary coordination, project management, manufacture and installation, equipment tests and commissioning together with operation and service.

We focus on turn-key delivery of complex power and heat generation units, mainly:

• Steam and hot-water boilers and boiler houses
• Control systems of boilers, turbines, substations, water treatment plants, etc.
• Generator control panels - excitation systems, electrical protections, measurement and synchronization
• Generator outlet and neutral point cubicles (MTBs)
• Power supply systems
• LV and MV switchgears

And many other power generation equipment.

We are active worldwide

Our end customers are hydro and steam (both conventional and nuclear) power plants, municipal heating plants, incinerator stations, sugar mills, manufacturing and distribution facilities.



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Gasification of Tabor Heating Plant – TTA

Installation of one cogeneration unit (with one gas engine, power output 11,5 MWe) and one container cogeneration unit (power output 0,528 MWe).


Boiler (K12) retrofit – Heating plant České Budějovice, a.s.

Boiler (K12) retrofit – delivery of a new boiler with a steam output of 55 t/h